IAW 59F M3

Repairs to your ABS module

Fiat Doblo 2000 - 2004
Fiat module number

IAW 59F.M3

Magnetti Marelli number

61600 376 00

Other module number

HW023 / 3804-ML4

Other module number

12V= 215 01

Car makes with this module
Fiat Doblo 118 (01.00 - 12.04)
Fiat Lancia 118 (01.00 - 11.04)
Fiat Palio 118 (01.01 - 12.04)
Fiat Punto 118 (01.00 - 12.05)
Fiat Siecento 118 (02.00 - 12.04)

Overview of ABS modules and pumps that can be repaired
You can find here a complete overview of motormanagement modules  that we repair.  If your module number is not in the overview then you can enquire here if we can also repair your module.

For more information please contact us. If you want to place an order please fill in our repair request and you will receive within one working day a quote for the repairs.