A8 5GA 004 397-10

These type of units have quite often problems and fails.

Common failures are: cruise control doesn't work or falls off during use. These problems can also be caused by bad switches, (brake, clutch, on/off) you should off course check this first.

Please fillin our repair request and you will get a quotation within 24 hours for repairing you amplifier.

When you are not sure if your cruise control amplifier is faulty, you can make use of our online Diagnostic Service . We will help you diagnose the results of your measurements to find the problem. The cost for this service is 60 EUR.

We offer a world-wide service and include a year's guarantee.

 Please don't hesitate to contact us for further information, first fill in our repair request (free of any obligations!) so that we have al the information we need to answer your questions.

For more information please contact us. If you want to place an order please fill in our repair request and you will receive within one working day a quote for the repairs.